Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Smooch at Golden Globes

resizedimageJennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Holt smooch at the Golden Globes, 2014. The American Hustle Best Picture in a Musical/Comedy.Award winner and the Warm Bodies star. Just over the Summer the twenty three year old and Hoult had rekindle their romance. She had more to celebrate on the night she also went on to snatch up the Best Picture in the Musical/Comedy trophy as well.

For the supporting actress win, the shocked star turned to Hoult, 24, who appeared to mouth the words,

“Way to go, baby!” Clad in her controversial strapless Dior gown, Lawrence looked slightly shaken as she made it to the podium for her acceptance speech.

 ”I don’t know why it’s so terrifying,” she admitted. “It’s obviously a good thing. I’m sorry I’m shaking so much! Don’t ever do this again!

It was a short moment, but fans flocked to their social media sites, saying what happened.

Lawrence and Hoult dated for two years before parting ways.

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