Jennifer Hudson Never Consider Venturing Into Acting!

Jennifer Hudson never considered acting. She rose to fame when she appeared on the Reality television show American Idol never having thoughts of being an actress. The thirty two year old made her film debut in Dreamgirls in 2006, she believes she would have never been a consideration for the show if she never performed on the reality show. She said:

”I always wanted to sing and make my living doing that, it’s that simple. But God always gives you a little bit more than you asked for and I ended up acting. Now I’m an actress and singer and it’s so weird.

”I never thought about acting, but because of ‘American Idol’ I had this platform and Barry Manilow arranged the song I was eliminated off on as if it was ‘I’m Telling You’.

”It had the same structure and people thought I was singing ‘I’m Telling You’ and from the performance they started saying Jennifer Hudson for Effy White [in 'Dreamgirls'].”

She also finds it hard to believe that she won awards for the role. She added:

”As far as ‘Dreamgirls’ all I wanted to do was get my lines right and do the job I was hired to do and I ended up winning an Oscar, and it’s still surreal to this day.”

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