Jeff Bridges Salutes Robin Williams

Jeff Bridges saluted Robin Williams at a movie premiere. When he was a child, he started his career with his father Lloyd Bridges in the television series Sea Hunt and gave an emotional farewell to a much loved star, who passed away on Monday, August 11. 2014, Jumanji actor Robin Williams, when he was speaking about his new movie Giver at a New York premiere on the same night.

The actor’s body was discovered at his home in Marin County, California and local authorities are investigating his death as a suicide. The sad tragedy has left Hollywood sad and in mourning for another great actor loss.

Bridges used his speech at the premiere to remember his former Co-star, telling the audience at the venue,

“I am filled with such mixed emotions tonight. It’s very difficult for me to be here with all these emotions and feelings – wonderful, I must say, but as with many elements in life, there is an underbelly, and we’re losing a dear, dear friend, Robin Williams. Such a brilliant human being. My heart goes out to his family… I feel Robin coming in now, he says, ‘Get on with it, Bridges! On with the show!’”

At the event, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein also took to the stage to say a few words about Williams, telling the crowd,

“I promise you, if he were onstage, he’d want the party to continue and continue and continue. He is well missed and well loved, and whatever the circumstances are, he was a giant in our industry and more importantly, a great man.”

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