Jason Patric Wins Big Battle In Bitter Custody War


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Jason Patric wins a big battle in his custody fight. Known for his role in Speed 2 Cruise Control, he has the go ahead to fight for custody of his biological son. The Lost Boys star and his ex Danielle Schreiber along with her family have been on a legal stand off for almost year. Schreiber is saying that Patric was just a sperm donor.

In 2013 he lost his bid for his paternal rights because a judge ruled in favor of no because what happened is he donated his perm a woman, who wasn’t his wife, so for this he has no claim for custody. Then in May, 2014 he finally won for other fathers fighting for paternity rights in California.

Patric will now head to court for his son Gus, who he has not seen for some months.

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