Jackie Jackson Weeps Over Brother’s Hologram

Jackie Jackson weeps over hologram. The American singer and musician and one of the members of the Jackson family wept for his late brother Michael Jackson while watching his hologram performance.

Jackson says that choreographers Rich and Tone Talauega did such an‘amazing job in making a virtual likeness of Michael, the legendary pop star lost his life in June, 2009 of acute Propofol intoxication. Well it had been very convincing as he performed to ‘Slave to Rhythm’ at last night’s Billboard Music Awards, May 18. 2104.

Jackie told Billboard:

”When he started walking and dancing, I was teary-eyed.

”It’s hard to please Michael’s fans and Michael… I’m telling you it’s amazing.”

There had been many people requesting the hologram performance from Michael, John Branca, the executor of the late star’s estate, was feeling that the award show was just the perfect place. He said:

“It’s so important to experience Michael Jackson in a live setting. This is something where we wanted a live performance in front of a live audience and nothing speaks to that more than an awards show.”

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