Hayden Panettiere Plans To Be ‘Stripped Down’ Emotional For Wedding

Hayden Panettiere is planning on stripping down for her wedding. The is known for her role as cheerleader on the Heroes series. And she and her fiance Wladimir Klitschko have many plans to deal with before their upcoming wedding. The former One Life to Live star has from dresses to details on his proposal, the actress opened up to Brides magazine with all the details.

“When eyes have been on me in the past, it’s been because of an event, where people see me as a persona, as Hayden Panettiere the actress,” the Nashville crooner explained.

“For the aisle, you’re the purest, most emotionally stripped-down version of yourself, sharing this raw moment with the most important people in your life. It seems very overwhelming!”

The twenty four year old says her marriage proposal was “very sweet, simple and genuine.”

“It wasn’t about being overwhelmed by fireworks or a mariachi band,” Panettiere shared. “I think it’s amazing when people do that, but I like that mine was simple and from the heart.”

Although she likes keeping things simple, she says that her on and off relationship had some bumps she could learn and grow from.

“It means a lot when you experience life with someone, then you experience life without him and decide that you don’t want to live without him,” Panettiere advised. “You date, you try to be with different people, you make mistakes, and you get to know yourself in the process. And in the end you want to be with someone who makes you the best version of yourself.”

The couple have not yet announced their wedding date to the public.

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