George Clooney Monuments Men Atmosphere Set Was Fun

UntitledGeorge Clooney said he had fun on Monuments Men set. He is a popular star fro, Ocean’s Eleven and he reveals during making the film was just easy because while on set was fun. The star started his career of as Dr. Douglas “Doug” Ross on the medical drama ER from 1994 to 1999. He is starring in the drama, he admits that everyone just felt good about making this movie, that on their days off they came to work to hang out.

He said:

”John Goodman and Bill Murray would come to the set even when they weren’t working and hang out. It was a really great place to be so it made it easy to shoot.”

The fifty two year old said it was good to see ‘Blue Jasmine’ actress Cate and his ‘Gravity’ and ‘August: Osage County’ co-stars Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts doing so well during awards season.

He told ‘Entertainment Tonight Canada’:

”I’ve been friends with Julia for a long time, I’ve gotten to know Meryl over the years and I love her. And I’m happy for Sandy Bullock and for Cate, who is in this movie.

”So it’s a lot of wonderful, really talented women doing really well.”

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