Freida Pinto Admires Jane Fonda’s Down To Earth Personality

Freida Pinto just adores actress Jane Fonda saying the Indian actress and model is down to earth says she wishes she was her best friend. The daughter of a banker, father and the principal of a High School, mother says she has much admiration for the actress, who is now a fitness guru
outgoing personality and no-nonsense attitude to stardom.

Freida Pinto adores,

“down-to-earth” Jane Fonda and wishes she was her best friend

Quizzed about which of her fellow L’OREAL Paris spokesmodels she is especially close to, Freida enthused:

“Jane Fonda! I would love to be her best friend, you know, the kind of friend you can call up at 2am. She’s so down-to-earth.

“I remember one day when she was suffering from back ache and was tired, so I volunteered to go and get her agent or manager. She told me that she was travelling alone and that the young female stars of today are way too spoiled.”

Freida also says although she never starred in a Bollywood movie, she gives credit to her native Indian film industry giving her the desire to become a Hollywood star.

She recalled:

“It happened progressively and of course, it began by watching Bollywood blockbusters. My dad showed my sister and I lots of films from the 80s. Then at university, I discovered the director Satyajit Ray’s work.

“My sister started watching films by Wong Kar-wai at home. I was also following a history class where we watched ‘Citizen Kane’ by Orson Welles, Jean Renoir’s films, Alfred Hitchcock … it was magical.”

She was previously engaged to her Rohan Antao.

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