Frances Bean Cobain Has No Recollection Of Her Dad

Frances Bean Cobain has no memories of her Dad. She is a visual artist and the only child of Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain and the Hole front-woman Courtney Love and to her, he is like ‘Santa Claus’. In 1194 she was just a small baby her famous father took his own life and now her mom say it is hard for her, now at the age if twenty one it is difficult has people expresses their memories and stories about him because she has none of her own. Courtney said:

”You have to put yourself in Franny’s shoes when it comes to her father because she feels like she’s related to Santa Claus. Like, everyone loves him but she says she retains no memory of Santa Claus.

”Whereas I can remember him, his laugh, what he was like in bed, and how he was with her.”

Courtney – who, like her late spouse, has battled drug addiction – feels grateful her daughter is ”sensible” and hopes she won’t follow in her parents’ footsteps. She said:

”The cool thing about Frances is that she knows she’s related to two junkies.

”I mean, she might smoke pot, maybe, but she’s sensible. I thank God she was never introduced to prescription drugs when she was grown up.”

Love says i am incredibly proud that Frances is my daughter, from 2009 till last year they were no talking, she also says her beauty

”freaks her out” approving of her engagement to The Eeries rocker Isaiah Silva.

She said:

”We’re great now, we live four doors down from each other in LA.

”She’s an avid reader, she’s read all the classics. And she’s so beautiful, like, Angelina beautiful, a little too beautiful. It’s freaking me out.”

She told Britain’s Grazia magazine:

”He looks like Kurt right? He’s a saint because she’s a handful and I’ve no idea where she gets that from.”

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