Fifi Geldof Make Decision Of Banning Younger Sisters As Bridesmaids

Fifi Geldof stops younger sisters from being her bridesmaids to her wedding. The decision was made by the thirty one year old out of respect to her other sister Peaches Geldof, who dies at the young age of twenty five of an apparent drug overdose in April, 2014. A close friend told ‘The Sun on Sunday’:

”She thinks it would seem very odd to have the two other girls without Peaches by her side too.”

She and thirty three year old Andrew Robertson are set to wed sometime next year and her bridesmaids will be six of her friends to replace her siblings. And she will be wearing a dress from the designer that her late mom Paula Yates were, when she says her vows.

Her godfather, Jasper Conran, will make the bride’s gown. Also Bob Geldof has announced his marriage plans, he will wed his long-time girlfriend, Jeanne Marine.

Defending his decision to announce the wedding soon after Peaches’ death, Bob said: ”And then,

Peaches died and things were very bleak and there was… I thought how do we move forward?

”I don’t mean move on, as I say, time doesn’t heal, it accommodates, it finds an available space in your brain and you can stick that part in there and it allows you to see things in context.

”And I didn’t want to rush it or anything and I was going to do it anyway and I thought no, we need to let some air into the room, we need to let some light into that air.”

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  1. How sad her sister passed away. Grief touches us all from time to time. I hope she has a wonderful wedding and life. Thanks for sharing.

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