Elton John Says He Cried Listening To Goodbye Yellow Brick Road!

Elton John Cried While Listening To Goodbye Yellow Brick Road English singer-songwriter, composer, pianist, record producer, and occasional actor did for the fortieth anniversary, of his album, because at the time he recorded t he was quite ‘innocent’. See he was just twenty six years old at the time, and thought about those day before he got into drinking alcohol and abusing drugs. In a pre-taped interview with U.S. breakfast show Today, which aired in part on Monday (31Mar14), he said,

“I’m not someone who normally looks back; I’m not someone who gets nostalgic, but I had to listen to this album, because I had to do interviews about it.

“It made me very emotional. I cried a little at it, because it reminded me of a time when I was very innocent. I hadn’t done a drug.”

He became so big in the public eye and the ups and downs of fame is what he was struggling with, that he fought against a serious substance abuse problem. As he has been sober for two decades, he will not put blame on his popularity in 1973 album over his personal woes. Elton continues,

“I don’t blame anything. I don’t blame anybody or anything, it was just me being inquisitive. (It was like), ‘Ok, I’ll try it, I’ll join in. I’ll be part of the gang.’ Bad decision. If I could go back again, I would never do it.”

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