Dolly Parton’s, 68, Follows Her Writing Rituals

Dolly Parton’s has writing rituals. She is a very popular vocalist and she started her career as a child performer and what she does is fast before she picks up a pen and write. The sixty eight year old Here You Come Again vocalist sets aside for herself time to get into a ”spiritual place” as she thinks it helps her creative process. She said:

”One of my favorite things to do in the world is to have time set aside, like two or three weeks, to say I’m just going to write.

”Go up to my old mountain home. I fast and pray for a few days to get myself into kind of a spiritual place, even get through the headaches and everything with the fasting til I get kind of… Yeah, I hate to fast.

”But once I get into the writing, then it starts to be creative.”

Following her fast,, then a feast she will enjoy as she is also convinced that her improve her writing of music. She added in an interview with Uncut magazine:

”I love to get in the kitchen when I’m getting prepared to write because if I’m in a good creative mood, my food is spectacular.

”If my food is spectacular, my writing is going to be spectacular.”’

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