Divergent Actress Shailene Woodley Eats Clay!

Shailene Woodley eats clay. The Secret Life of the American Teenager actress does in order to detox. She keeps to a strict organic beauty regime and the ‘Divergent‘ star got this quite unusual habit from a taxi driver. She had been given the suggestion to ingest a supplement of bentonite clay to clean the heavy metals out of her system. She explained in an interview with IntoTheGloss.com:

“He was African and was saying that, where he’s from, the women eat clay when they’re pregnant … So, I’ve discovered that clay is great for you because your body doesn’t absorb it, and it apparently provides a negative charge, so it bonds to negative isotopes.

“And, this is crazy: it also helps clean heavy metals out of your body. My friend starting eating it and the next day she called me and said, ‘Dude, my s**t smells like metal.’ She was really worried, but we did some research together and everything said that when you first start eating clay, your bowel movements, pee, and even you, yourself, will smell like metal.”

She is a eco friendly actress and she is had found natural remedies for every Hollywood beauty trick, one is to rinse her mouth out with sesame oil instead of getting her teeth whitened. Shailene added:

“I love a natural way to heal. You can do something called ‘oil pulling’ where you swish coconut or sesame oil in your mouth when you wake up and spit it out.

“It’s amazing! It really makes your teeth whiter, because the plaque on your teeth is not water soluble, it’s fat-soluble.”

The twenty two year old has also said that she washes her hair just once a month. She joked:

“I only shampoo it like once a month – the oilier, the better.”

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