Demi Lovato ‘Life Is So Good’ Three Years Later Staying Strong

resizedimageDemi Lovato says ‘life is so good’. She first debut as a child actress on Barney & Friends moving onto the film Camp Rock. She has taken to Twitter in celebration of her third album ‘Unbroken’ which just after she left rehab in 2011 it was released. She decided to quit her tour and seek help in rehab for an eating disorder and self-harming, thanking fans for giving her reasons to live. The twenty one year old star tweeted on Tuesday (28.01.14):

”Life is SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYY!!!!
”Happy Lovatic Day…. I’m alive because of you all. Thank you…. I love you all so much.. #3YearsUnbroken (sic)”

She also took this opportunity to urge on her followers, who may be struggling with similar issues, to seek help. She wrote:

”You CAN turn your life around. You can go through hell AND BACK. It IS possible. NEVER underestimate yourself. I BELIEVE IN YOU.”

Earlier this week, the former ‘The X Factor’ USA judge revealed she has never felt better.
She tweeted:

”It’s a great feeling knowing how to balance things in life. Feeling stronger and better than ever… #2014”

She said

”[I was] looking in the mirror and never feeling good enough. I felt like I was living a lie… I was dealing with all this pain, emotionally. And I felt guilt and shame. I decided to take it out on myself. I harmed myself.”
She added: ”Every time someone asks me for a picture or an autograph, even if I’m having a bad day and I’m in a bad mood, I remember, ‘You’re nothing without this person’. They make it special.”

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