Debbie Rowe To Undergo Biopsy For ”irregularities” With Lymph Nodes!

Debbie Rowe is undergoing cancer tests. The ex wife of the late legendary singer Michael Jackson is doing  this to find out if she does have the decease. Rowe and Jackson were married for about three years, and had children seventeen year old Prince and fifteen year old Paris is set to undergo the biopsy on March 31, 2014. What has been reported is that medical examinations in the last few months have showed some ”irregularities” with her lymph nodes, and though doctors are said to be ”convinced” she has lymphoma, the nurse, who is now fifty five years old feels confident that she will receive an clear of Cancer. According to website TMZ, she said:

”I’m too healthy to have cancer.”

Rowe says she feels comfortable with undergoing a biopsy, but is ”scared to death” of going under anaesthetic. Rowe had lost contact with her children, following her divorce to Jackson in 1999, but now for the last year she has been getting closer to them.

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