Dean Mcdermott ‘Wasn’t Attracted’ To Woman He Cheated With

Dean Mcdermott ‘wasn’t attracted’ to his one-night stand. The Canadian/American former Due South star, who is married to actress Tori Spelling says he felt no attraction to Emily Goodhnad, the woman he allegedly cheated with causing a scandal last December. Spelling had been very hurt over the fact that he admitted to having any intimate contact with her while on a Toronto trip. He said it was just one of those thing it nothing, it happened just because she was there. Some things mentioneddyuring a therapy session on their reality show ‘True Tori’, he said:

 ”Emily was there. … I wasn’t attracted to her. It was just like a warm body. I felt like I was on autopilot…

”It was an escape, just like drugs and alcohol.”

McDermott has also spoke about how his sex life with his wife was lacking, the couple share four children together, Liam, seven, Stella, five, Hattie, two, and Finn, twenty months. He said:

”We have four kids. In the sex department there are ebbs and flows. … Do I always want more with you? Absolutely. Every day all day. I’m insatiable.

”Do I want more? Yeah. She has complications from the last pregnancy. Our sex life wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t stellar.”

Spelling said they were together the weekend before he cheated, she says she felt their intimate life was ”never enough” for her husband, and he may cheat one day. She said:

”It was never enough for you! I wore that guilt all the time thinking he’s going to cheat”

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