David Hasselhoff Sometimes Get Mistaken For Others

David Hasselhoff gets mistaken for others. The sixty one year old former Baywatch beach life guard and Knight Rider star thinks it’s quite funny when people come up to him and mistake him for other celebrities although he has allot of success with many roles. He said:

”I was stopped by a lady who said, ‘I loved you in ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and ‘Bonanza’. She thought I was Michael Landon!”

Hasselhoff is in relationship with Welsh beauty thirty four year old Hayley Roberts, he reveals that he has been mistaken for the late veteran actor, from Little House on the Prairie and the American football star Dan Marino. He added to BANG Showbiz:

”And then there’s another, a football player, the guy from Miami Dolphins, Dan Marino.

”Dan Marino is a huge quarterback in America, I guess he retired like four years ago, and I used to call him Hasselhoff or Hollywood and I was on an airplane and everyone wanted me to come over and sign footballs. I signed footballs, ‘David Hasselhoff Marino’.

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