Daniella Westbrook Reveals Devastating Effects Of Her Drug Relapse.

Daniella Westbrook
sobs on live television. Former Soap Opera (EastEnders) because of her cocaine shame. The English actress, who also competed on the series Dancing on Ice came to tears on Thursday, August 21, 2014 when she explained her story of her devastating effects of her cocaine relapse. When she was just a child she was really keen on horse back riding and on Sunday, August 17, 2014 reveled somehow she fell back into her fight with drugs following twelve years of sobriety. In a live interview from Los Angeles where she is now getting rehab, she fell into tears twice,

Westbrook revealed her mother has not spoken to her since she confessed her relapse to her earlier this month (Aug14) and she wept as she told viewers about the effect of the news on her younger brother, wailing,

“I know I have broken his heart.”

She is putting the blame on her marriage collapse earlier this year this 2014, saying she snorted cocaine several times since April, 2014. She told U.K. Tv show This Morning,

“I’m not where I was with drugs but it’s a case of how long would it have been before I was back where I was? And that was what I was really frightened about…

“To be honest, when that story was going to be broken, the first thing I said to the journalist was, ‘Thank you very much, because you have done me a huge favour’. It’s exactly the intervention that I needed. I was frightened to come out and tell people I was taking drugs recreationally again…

“I have had a terrible time the last year, which is no excuse to relapse, I know. But at the same time I just felt so broken this last year and I feel like a lot of the times I have been on the verge of having a breakdown… I took drugs and relapsed and I am ashamed of that.”

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