Chris Pratt Banned ‘No More’ Talk About Risque Tv Scene!

Chris Pratt has been banned from talking about his risque TV scene. The well know actor from Parks and Recreation and Moneyball has been given a waring by NBC Executives not to ever mention again that he exposed his genitals while filming a Tv show.It was six year ago when he was filming Parks and Recreation when he felt the need to prank his co-star Rashida Jones by standing naked in her office. For his initial he was to ware flesh-coloured underwear for the big reveal, but the reaction was different than he wanted so he decided to bare all. He tells the New York Daily News,

“I did one (take) without them, and Amy (Poehler) was like, ‘Noo, nooo,’ and that is the take they ended up using.”

Howver bosses at the network were not to keen on this, and he had been reprimanded for stripping off. He continues,

“I got a letter from Nbc saying I shouldn’t talk about it and shouldn’t rebel about it. I did the wrong thing and I pulled out my junk.

“Unfortunately, the protocol with that stuff is that you have to let everybody know so anybody who doesn’t want to see that can excuse themselves. Photobombing with the (crotch) is something you have to plan with Nbc.”

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