Chris Martin Had Dinner With Alexa Chung?

Chris Martin had for dinner with Alexa Chung? The Coldplay vocalist reportedly did enjoy a meal with the English television presenter, model and contributing editor at British Vogue in New York. The English singer and his actress wife Gwyneth Paltrow took a break from their ten year marriage last month, and now what has emerged that he was seen with Chung. A source told The Sun newspaper:

”Alexa and Chris did see each other in NYC, briefly.

”Friends think sit’s definitely developing into a relationship. But Alexa’s a cool girl. She’s not going to make herself look stupid.

”They like each other and have a lot in common but life’s a bit tricky for Chris at the moment.”

Also reported is that Martin is not keen on how his marriage breakup unfolded so publicly, and is thinking he may never marry again. An insider previously said:

”It’s a tough time for Chris and he absolutely hates having his dirty linen washed in public.

”He’s a very private person. Chris isn’t comfortable talking about it, feels like he’s let himself down and is also angry with the way the split unfolded.”

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