Chloe Grace Moretz Gets Very Persistent For Movie Roles

Chloe Grace Moretz fights for roles. It was at the young age of seven when the actress/model started her career when she first appeared in The Amityville Horror saying she faces struggles to get movie roles because of ageism in the film industry. The seventeen year old was also seen in Jack and the Beanstalk and her latest movie If I Stay also says she feels the need to work incredibly hard for parts as her age often works against her. She explained:

”I’m still fighting hard for every role I get. I’m still fighting the boundary of how old or young I can be, or how they want me to be something I’m not.

”You are always having this struggle, especially as a female actor against the higher powers trying to keep you in a spot which makes them feel comfortable. That’s a major thing I’m battling right now.”

She goes onto say that she has been lucky landing the roles she is getting because of  her persistent in her auditions.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, she added:

”With every project I’ve chosen, it’s been something that I feel I couldn’t live without. I couldn’t spend another day in my life knowing I didn’t do that role, give my all to that role, all my emotion and soul. It’s been hard, but incredibly uplifting and eye-opening. Without it, I wouldn’t be quite the same young woman I am now.”

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