Channing Tatum Found Wrestling Is Tough! (Watch Video)

Channing Tatum says Wrestling is tough. The actor best known for roles such as The Vow and She’s the Man just couldn’t grasp how hard the physical competition sport actually was when he was in training
for his ‘Foxcatcher’ role, saying it was the most painful thing he has ever endured. The thirty four year old will be starring as the Olympic medal-winning wrestler Mark Schultz and the story is based on real life events. He said although learning the sport was an enjoyment carrying on with it, is not something he is wanting to do.

He said:

”Wrestling is one of the most painful things I’ve ever done. I’ve played many sports but none like this. It’s the only sport I know where you have no down time, no time to pull away and rest.

”Even in boxing, you can back away and dance around a bit, but in wrestling you’re locked in combat with the other guy the whole time, and that’s it.

”It was an amazing discipline to learn, but I do not need to do it ever again.”

Also Channing reveals that when he was first offered the role, he said no and that was because he was at the level of understanding the psychological thriller says now because of the sport he has become very competitive.

Quizzed on how competitive he is, he told Britain’s HELLO! Magazine: ”Very, very competitive. I wish I could say I’ve evolved into the sort of person who’s a good loser, but I’m not.

”I’m the kid who is not happy at all if our team loses, and I’ll go to pretty much any length to win. I get that from my dad.”

Watch Video! Teaser Trailer #2 (2014) – Channing Tatum Drama HD

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