Celtic Punk Band Dropkick Murphys Being Sued Over Fan Injury

Dropkick Murphys are being sued over fan injury at 2012 concert. They are an American Celtic punk band and they face some legal action as a fan had her foot allegedly injured when she was asked by the Tessie vocalist to join them on stage. The person in question, which is thirty year old Courtney Wimer is putting claims out that she was in the audience at the Sokol Auditorium show in Omaha, Nebraska on 1 November, 2012.

She then had been selected to take part of their traditional fan sing-a-long towards the end of the gig. When the track had ended she was aided by security guard, but what then allegedly happened was her foot got tangled in a stage barrier and which resulted in her injuring her ankle. Now being sued by her is bassist/vocalist Ken Casey and his band for damages, citing negligence.

Bosses at security firm Barking Dog Ltd., concert promoters Mammoth Inc, and venue officials at Sokol Omaha have also been listed as defendants.

In her legal papers, filed in an Omaha court, her lawyer accuses the defendants of failing to make sure the premises were safe and warn of “hidden and hazardous conditions”.

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