Bryan Singer’s Name Removed From Drama ‘Black Box’ Ads By Abc!

Bryan Singer’s name has been remover by ABC from the Black Box ads. The screenwriter and producer, of Jack the Giant Slayer and Apt Pupil just happened to be in the middle of a lawsuit. A thirty old man has put out accusations claiming sexual abuse against Singer some years back. It seems as if this is hurting the campaign of his new series, and ABC has reportedly will re-edit commercials for the drama and removing his name as the show’s executive producer, the report has come from Deadline.

Michael F. Egan held a press conference on Thursday, April 17 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. Now 30, Egan claimed that that the sexual abuse started when he was 15 until the age of 17 at a house in Encino, Hawaii and other states. Singer allegedly brought him to a mansion in California for a party where “sexual contact between adult males and the many teenage boys who were present” was known to happen. The teen was promised a role in the first “X-Men” movie by the director, but nothing ever really happened.

Marty Singer, who is his attorney gives his response to the lawsuit as he says, this is “absurd and defamatory.

” It was claimed as an attempt to get a spotlight in Hollywood.

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