Bruce Jenner & Son Wrecked $500,000 Vehicle

Bruce Jenner & son crashed a five hundred thousand dollar car. He is a former and track and field athlete and current motivational speaker, television personality, and businessman and Burt did in a Mexican Race earlier this week, destroying the vehicle during participation in the famous Baja 1000 off-road race in Mexico. What the pair did was crash into a ditch on Thursday, however no one got hurt in this incident. This is according to Page Six.

Burt explained over Instagram, telling followers on Friday:

“Well I don’t want to say the race didn’t go as planned, because it did… we had a blast, learned a ton about Baja, made a bunch of new friends who I will remember for life, didn’t bend the truck (even though we went off twice) and we came home safe… in this picture is the group of people who helped us out in the middle of the desert when we broke the truck and offered us pizza and beer and radios… at this point after hours in the desert dad and I were starving, thirsty, and needed a radio to signal our race was over… they pretty much solved all or problems and made life good again. Big thanks to everyone especially @vinnycienta (the girl in the green beenie) for the much needed pizza! Your guys spirit and hospitality is why racers truly love Baja…”

Burt added on Sunday:

“Can’t really describe what a rush the beginning of the race was… I had dreamt of this for decades… just hard to believe it’s over…”

The pair then had no choice but to drop out if the race, repairing the car would take too much time.

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The father and son team reportedly received over $1 million to participate in the race.


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