Bruce Jenner Befriends Cher Estranged Wife Jealous


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Bruce Jenner has befriended Cher. It seems as if the former track and field athlete has formed a close friendship with the talented vocalist. In 1991 he married socialite Kris Jenner bur split with her in October following twenty two years of marriage has known Cher since the 70‘s however it has just started recently that they started contact with each other by texting more and talking nonstop, and possibly his ex wife is jealous. A source told InTouch Weekly magazine:

”Cher has been a real confidante to Bruce about his marital problems with Kris. ”Kris hasn’t completely given up on her marriage to Bruce yet, so she sees Cher as a threat. ”Kris believes that a Bruce-Cher romance is a very real possibility, and it really upsets her.”

Also reportedly said That Kris really wants him back, but remember she wanted to end things. A source said:

”Kris can’t stand living without Bruce, she never knew how much she needed him.

Kris thought life would be so great when Bruce moved out, that she’d finally be free to date younger men and party. But she misses having him around. She wants him back. ”She tried to start dating, and that didn’t work out. Now she’s desperate to undo all the damage she’s done.”

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