Bob Geldof Talks His Agony Of daughter Peaches Death ‘Suddenly I buckle’

Bob Geldof speaks out about his daughter Peaches untimely death, he said he ‘Suddenly I Buckle’. The Irish singer songwriter, author and occasional actor says in his first interview that his grief is quite intolerable, also saying that he does not want her sons “wrapped up in her life”. As he continues speaking about his loss he says

“I’m walking down the road and suddenly… I buckle.”

The twenty five year old died in April at the age of twenty five, and Bob said his emotions were still raw.

“I go into organisation mode and that distracts me. But, like anybody else, these things assault you without warning,” he said.
“You could be talking to someone, you could be walking down the road, and suddenly out of the blue there’s an awareness of her. And you know – I buckle.

“And I’ve got to be very careful because walking down the Kings Road there’s paps [paparazzi] everywhere so I have to duck off into a lane or something and blub for a while and then get on with it. I imagine that will be there for a long time.”

He also said that the pain of losing a child was “unimaginable”.

“It’s intolerable. It’s very hard, as everybody must realise, especially if it happened to them too. And then what else do you do? You get on with it,” he said.

Sadly Peaches had been found at her Kent home, lifeless and allegedly during an inquest it had been said that she was taking drugs. Also her own other Paula Yates in 2000 had died of an accidental overdose.

Bob also said, that it’s possible that her sons Phaedra and Astala, who were 23 months and 11 months old may not remember her, as he does not think this may be a bad thing.

“My Mum died when I was six or seven. I have no memory of her. I am shown photos I really have no interest in that much because I have no memory of her,” he said.

“They are so small, the little chaps, that I’m not sure they’ll have this craving to remember their Mum, and I think that is healthy. They are young enough, you know this terrible expression, to be able to build emotional relationships away from the primary relationship with the mother.

“I know that sounds very cold and empirical but obviously I have had to think about the rest of the family and Tom, their dad, and Keith and Sue, their grandparents, who are amazing people and doing fantastically with the guys.

“I don’t want them becoming wrapped up in the Geldof life. It’s great in some respects, it’s appalling in other times.”

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