Bob Geldof Puts Blame On Himself For Daughter’s Peaches’ Death

Bob Geldof has put the blame on himself for his daughter’s death. The Irish singer’s twenty five year old daughter Peaches died in March. The Boomtown Rats front-man is now still in much pain as he feels like he has failed as a father that she died untimely by a heroin overdose.

He said:

”She was super bright, too bright. She knew what life was supposed to be and God bless her, she tried very hard to get there and she didn’t make it.

”I’m not just blaming the newspapers, of course not. You blame yourself. You’re the father who’s responsible and clearly failed.”

The sixty three year old raised Peaches and also her sisters Fifi, and Pixie and half-sister Tiger after their mom, Paula Yates tragically died in 2000 of an overdose, and he really believes he could have done more. He says it’s too difficult to accept that she is actually gone.

He told ITV News:

”For anybody watching, who has a dead kid and you’re a parent, you go back, you go back, you go back, you go back, you go back, you go over, you go over, what could you have done.”

He said:

”The ability to try and understand or to try to come to terms with the immensity of the grief is there but it takes a long while for it to filter through.

”I’m not there with Peaches yet. It was all too soon. It was all too sudden. It was unexpected.”

She leaves behind her husband, and her sons Astala, two, and Phaedra, 17 months.

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