‘Blondie’ Debbie Harry Says Musicians Continually Need To Take Risks!

Debby Harry says pop stars need to take risks. The Blondie punk rock/new wave lead vocalist says during a musician career risks need to be taken evolving into artist’s, saying they should step out of their comfort zones. The legendary Heart of Glass singer along with her band-mates will releases their new album called Ghosts of Download next month, as she believes that it is quiet important that you continue re inventing yourself as being an artist, she admits some musicians keep it too safe. The sixty eight year old feels it is good when artists take risks and says it is okay that other’s cover her music.

Debbie told Gay Times magazine:

”I’m excited because I love the new stuff. It’s always a chance to breathe fresh air. It’s good for artists to step out of their comfort zone.”

Asked if she knew of Atomic Kitten, who released a cover of her 1967 track ‘The Tide Is High’, she replied:

”Of course [I know who they are] I thought it [the cover] was … OK. It’s funny how that song keeps coming around, it’s very interesting how that happens.

”There’s something about it. We’ve been working on a surprise with that song [for the new album]. There’s a guest artist on it.”

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