Billy Joel, Howard Stern’s Wife ‘Hailed Him A Hero’

Billy Joel helps animals. Joel is a pianist, singer-songwriter, and composer, and he became very popular in 1973 with his hit single Piano Man, and what he has done is donate all the profits he made at a concert in New York to an animal shelter. Born in the Bronx, he has been called a hero by America’s Got Talent, Howard Stren’s wife because of what he did, from a Madison Square Garden birthday show in May, he took all his proceeds and helped her with Bianca’s Furry Friends, a facility at the North Shore Animal League America in the city that provides a cage-free home for shelter cats and dogs. She told Social Life magazine:

”Billy is my hero. Howard and I call him ‘Saint Billy.’ Because of his huge donation, we are on target to break ground next spring!”

Beth also reveals something about Joel is that he along with his girlfriend Alexis Roderick together they adopted two rescue dogs.

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  1. Its really wonderful when others see you as you are giver, willing to help its amazing. Thanks for this article. Enjoyed the read.

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