Billy Connolly Following Health Scares Feels ‘Stronger Than Ever’

Billy Connolly is feeling stronger than ever. The Scottish comedian, musician, presenter and actor. Known by his nickname “The Big Yin” (“The Big One”) in his native Scotland was given the harsh news that he had to fight against two sickness’s Prostate cancer and Parkinson‘s about a year back. Well his wife says that the Open Season star couldn’t be doing better.

“He’s sort of got through it all, touch wood, and his Parkinson’s is very slow-moving,” Pamela Stephenson-Connolly told AAP in Sydney on Monday.

“He’s probably had it for 10 years, but he’s got one of those forms that is very slowly advancing, it’s not too awful.”

It was last September when he received the news just two days after he got hearing aids.

But after his prostate was surgically removed the next month, and following another scare with a life-threatening blood clot, the 71-year-old was given the all-clear in December.

He was also informed his Parkinson’s was a mild, slow-moving form which needed no medication.

“He’s come through and out the other side of this stuff,” Stephenson-Connolly said.

“He’s been really funny about the Parkinson’s, really funny about the prostate cancer.”

Stephenson-Connolly, has revealed that Connolly’s health issues have gifted him a glut of fresh comedy material to work with, including how his cancer was found via a

“routine finger up the bum test”.

Although there has been a positive outcome Stephenson said it had been a difficult time for the couple’s entire family.

“I mean you know that people aren’t going to stay healthy and young forever, so you always know that there’s always the possibility that someone’s gonna get sick,” she said.

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