Billy Connolly Almost Died As Blood Clot Went UnNoticed

Billy Connolly had almost died, after doctors missed he had a blood clot. He is a Scottish comedian, musician, presenter and actor did after it was not noticed that he had a life-threatening blood clot in his leg. The seventy year old started of as a welder moving towards pursuing a career as a folk singer was taken by a taxi to a hospital as he was developing a deadly clot in his thigh following surgery on his prostate he had last year.

His wife Pamela Stephenson, 64, told the Daily Mail newspaper:

”I knew it was a clot but the doctors weren’t listening to me.
”Eventually I spoke to an intern on the phone, who said, ‘Just get him to the hospital right away!

”The psychologist said her husband, who was ”in agony and crying with pain” while on his way to be admitted to the hospital was still able to crack a joke.

She explained:

”The road was in a very bad condition, so the taxi was bumping over it, and Billy was saying ‘Uh-oh, he drives just like you Pamsy!’

”I said, ‘Billy, I’m saving your life here, stop going on about my driving.’ Even though he was going through so much pain, he never stopped being his hilarious, curmudgeonly, adorable self.”

The clot was treated in time, after he was discharge the problem once again emerged when he was filming a documentary about dealing with death, which aired on ITV in May. His daughter Amy, who is a researcher had noticed the problem, she took him once again back to the hospital.

Billy was diagnosed with prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease – a neurological disorder which affects the central nervous system and brain – on the same day last year, but he has since been given the all-clear from cancer and is trying to keep his brain active with crosswords to help control his Parkinson’s.

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