Beth Behrs In Training To Become A Beekeeper

resizedimageBeth Behrs is preparing herself to be a Beekeeper. The 2 Broke Girls actress (Caroline Channing) is doing some training as she would like to become a professional apiculturist to help in the aid of saving Honey Bees from extinction. Adventures of Serial Buddies says that it is all because of her boyfriend a star of the sitcom Mad Men actor Michael Gladis for her interest in the hobby. She is trying to help along with stopping the decline of the population of Bees across the globe, and is looking forward to make use of the by-products from the hive.

Behrs says,

“I’ve been reading all about colony collapse and rescuing hives in urban areas… and so my boyfriend was a beekeeper before and then he had to move and leave his hive so we’re getting a new one…
“We’d like to definitely use the honey and give it to our friends and family, and then there’s so much you can do with wax: lipgloss, candles… (But saving the bees), that’s the most important thing.”

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