Barbara Walters Talks Her Own Brush With Breast Cancer Scare


Barbara Walters reveals her breast cancer scare. She is a popular broadcast journalist, author, and television personality, he is known for her hosting morning television shows Today and The View and she spoke freely to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation luncheon on Thursday. There had been just a few who even knew she even had any personal connection to this cause. She was standing at the podium, and she started speaking to the guests which were gathered inside the Waldorf Astoria’s grand ballroom in New York City.

Walters began her speech by requesting the event’s host, Good Morning America’s Amy Robach, to stand.

“There’s a lot of talk about me, but I want to share this honor with Amy,” the TV journalist, 85, said. “When she discovered she had breast cancer, she handled it in the most magnificent, wise and sensitive way. I think what Amy has done, and the path she has chosen, has saved the lives of many women.”

“Some years back, more than five now, I discovered a small lump in my own breast. Under the expert care of [my doctor] I had a lumpectomy,” Walters revealed. “I haven’t talked about it. There was no need to. There were other choices that were possible. This was mine. I told a few people and I’m fine.”

“I’ve had no recurrence,” she continued. “I wasn’t worried because I knew that the advances made in treating breast cancer including lumpectomies were possible. Research made my treatment possible.”

Walters ended her speech with a bit of humor.

“I’ll always remember this luncheon,” the trailblazing TV anchor said. “Partly because of seeing all of your beautiful faces, and also because my bra is too tight.”

Walters, while on the View said she got both of her ovaries removed and in 1985 her sister Jacqueline, lost her life to ovarian cancer.

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  1. Lesley says:

    I was not aware that Barbara Walters had breast cancer. That’s very scary indeed! She’s a great TV personality that can help with awareness.

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