‘Austin Powers’ Mike Myers’ Fast Food Paintings Obsession

Mike Myers‘ and fast food paintings. He is a well known Canadian actor and comedian, and he played the lead character in the hit film Wayne’s World, Austin Powers and Shrek and he reveals that he is obsessed with painting KFC icon Colonel Sanders. He also revealed that her has a fascination for the mascot eyeing the fast food as ”exotic” when he was younger, and now, theses days he is on a regular basis sketching a likeness of the famous face. He admitted:

”I make about a painting a week. I started painting about two and a half, three years ago.

”My first painting was of my wife, Kelly. My second one was of my dog, George Harrison. And then I got into this Colonel Sanders thing.

”Growing up in Canada, looking south at America, they are so amazing at creating identity that they even have enough leftover to come up with the colonel who is the colonel of chicken!

”Our whole family was obsessed with the Colonel. For me show business was buying Kentucky Fried Chicken. Because it was nationally advertised, and it seemed exotic. First of all, it’s a great character.

”He has his own unique silhouette–you can draw him in three lines. On the day that Lucian Freud died, I painted my version of a Freud with the Colonel, naked, holding a palette, painting himself. Then I did the Colonel with the Pearl Earring. Then I did the Colonel Lisa. You know, which is the Mona Lisa with the Colonel. This is so just a hobby. It is just making stuff. That’s all I want to do, is just make stuff.

”[Do I still paint him?] Oh yeah. Yeah, I do. It’s just a fun constant.”

The fifty old and his wife Kelly have children two year old Spike and six week old Sunday and he also likes being on his computer making music. He added in an interview with America’s GQ magazine:

”I also make GarageBand tunes. I make one a day. I have now for eight years. They usually end up sounding like the Pet Shop Boys. And the Lightning Seeds, and a bit like Joy Division, and it can sound like Kraftwerk. I made one this morning. I called it ‘Just Let Me Have My Steel-Belted Radials’.”

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