Armand Assante Petitioned A Judge To Halt House foreclosure Auction


Armand Assante
has petitioned a judge to halt his house auction. The How to Survive a Marriage star wants a restraining order to be put against bank bosses so he can get a stop to a foreclosure on his home in New York. The Rage of Angels star’s lawyers on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 were arguing the point that he was in fact a victim of predatory mortgage lending and he should not loose his home. He tells the New York Post,

“It’s my home. It’s something I built with my father. It’s the legacy I want to leave to my children.”

The star did purchased the two hundred and twenty two acre home for one point five million dollars with a ten per cent interest rate which was almost double the U.S. national average, this according to the New York Post. Then in 2012, a judge who had been taking care of Assante’s bankruptcy, did agree that he could sell one hundred acres of the property, however the deal fell thorough.

The actor’s lawyer also argued he offered up various other settlements, but executives at Eastern Savings Bank turned them down and Assante is convinced they just want to take over the property.
He says, “I wasn’t targeted because I’m a celebrity. I was targeted because I have an equity-rich property.

“I have fought nine years to expose what Eastern has done, and it has almost broken me. Through God’s grace, and the courage of those in the state and federal courts to work against injustice, I will be vindicated.”

This is not the only financial problem he’s had in the last years, he also filed bankruptcy twice since 2011.

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