Anne V For Ocean Drive February 2014 ‘Always Struggled With Weight Issues’

resizedimageAnne V in Ocean Drive February 2014: I’ve Struggled With Weight Issues. She is a Russian-American model and actress and she is just stunning featured for this issue. GTh twenty seven year old is wearing clothes by Moschino and Christian Louboutin. She has been photographed by Randall Slavin. She talks from being discovered to dealing with gossip surrounding her past relationships.

On her first model experience:

“It was one of those dreams I never thought would come true. Every kid has an unrealistic like, ‘I’m going to be an astronaut,’ but no one becomes one. I know it sounds so cliched, but I never thought I was pretty. I was the tallest in my class and very skinny, and no boys liked me. I was at a casting at IMG, and they asked me to do a modeling contest. I had never done anything. And the only way my mom would let me do it was if she came with me. I twas my first time on a plane, and I didn’t speak any English. It was also my first time in a five-star hotel, so I was just psyched I was somewhere else. My mom met all the model; Gisele was part of the show… Heidi Klum… she was like, ‘This is actually not so bad!’”

On her body struggles:

“When I was 18, I put on a lot of weight because I was eating pizza and pasta, and I didn’t know how to handle it. I never ate salads in Russia; we didn’t have salads.The only salads we had were with tons of mayo in them. It was really hard, and I’ve battled with it for many years.”

On her views on modeling:

“For the young girls, it’s an industry that makes you not very confident. You’ll hear things like, ‘Not pretty enough.’ ‘Too fat.’ ‘Too skinny.’ ‘Your nose is too big.’I learned how to deal with it, but I’m 27 years old and I know how hard it is when I was 18 years old to deal with those things. I was a child.”

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