Amy Poehler Talks Relationships In Her Forties ‘More Juicy’

Amy Poehler loves ‘juicy’ relationships. She is an actress and comedian, and the forty three year old and Knick Kroll are in a relationship, says that now that she is older she prefers to have a relationship with someone as she now realizes more who she is as a person. She expressed to PEOPLE magazine:

”I find my relationships at 40-plus are really emulsified, juicy relationships, because you have more of a sense of who you are and who you want to be around.

”Talented men are not threatened by talented women. They welcome them. And same way with real men.”
She added: ”If you’re a strong woman and your man likes that, then he’s a real man. If you’re with someone who asks you to turn your light down, he’s a weaker person and you should get away from him.”

The last relationship she had been in was with Will Arnett, they were married for ten years, she is now keen to write a book about her celebrity pals, Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling and Rachel Dratch.

She recently said:

”My dream would be to write a book about my talented and famous friends and just spend a chapter on each.
”It would be a dream not only because it’d be so easy to write about how much I love their hearts and their work, but also I wouldn’t have to write about myself.

”When you’re a ‘woman in comedy,’ you’re all kind of lumped together in this weird soup, whereas if you go back and read the books of any of these women, you’re reminded of how different and unique and special and interesting and specifically skilled everybody is.”

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