Alec Baldwin No Apologizing Would Rather Pay Fine

Alec Baldwin will not be doing in apologizing in disorderly conduct. He is a popular American actor, film producer and comedian who has appeared on film, stage and television, and is a member of the Baldwin brothers. The former Beetlejuice actor, who supposedly called NYC a “mismanaged carnival of stupidity”,

says he won’t apologize for his disorderly conduct arrest in May … and he could ultimately end up on the winning end.

Alec was in NYC court Thursday … to face a disorderly conduct charge for allegedly berating officers who stopped him in May for riding his bike the wrong way on 5th Avenue.

Baldwin told the judge … he’d rather pay a fine than say he’s sorry for going off on the cops.

The judge — who told Baldwin he has a short fuse — asked, “Can you stay out of trouble, Alexander?” Baldwin said, “Sure, sure” … and the judge said he’d dismiss the charge entirely IF Alec can keep his nose clean for 6 months.

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