80s Heartthrob Jan-Michael Vincent’s Tragic Downfall And Struggles

resizedimageJan-Michael Vincent‘s tragic downfall. He is a retired actor and eighties heartthrob who played the role of helicopter pilot Stringfellow Hawke on the television series Airwolf has been going through allot in his past years, as he is a recovering alcoholic and hasd his right leg amputated twice now, he says he is lucky he is even alive.

For his hit role, he earned two hundred thousand dollars an episode however his acting took a back seat as drugs and alcohol became an issue. In 1996 a car accident left him with a broken vertebrae in his neck and a permanently raspy voice Infection which he contracted in 2012 forced doctors to amputate his lower right leg when he contracted a leg infection as a result of complications from peripheral artery disease.

Further infection forced doctors to remove even more of his right leg Retired actor also faces money problems and owes $70,000 in back taxes

‘An infection in my leg got steadily worse,

’he told The Enquirer. ‘I felt like I was beaten with a whip.’

Vincent’s third wife, Anna, admits that doctors told her he might not survive the infection and in the end they were left with no option but to amputate the lower half of his right leg.

Vincent, who nowadays walks with a prosthetic limb, sometimes forced to use a wheelchair.as he battles to stay alive.

The actor also admits that he still struggles with alcoholism and won’t discuss how long he has been sober he is also trying to keep his place to live as owes $70,000 in back taxes.

‘I’m praying for a solution,’ his wife Anna told The Enquirer.

The couple, who live near Vicksburg, Mississippi, they met during the actor’s Airwolf days and they have a daughter forty one year old Amber Vincet. Also about the actor, he was once an avid surfer

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