Zooey Deschanel Gave Herself A Concussion!

 resizedimageZooey Deschanel had suffered a concussion while on tour. The former Mumford star sustain the energy this summer, 2013 while she had been touring on the road with She & Him. What happened is that she fell from a tour bus bunk.

The thirty three year old, who is part of rock duo called M.Ward explains an air conditioner temperature need some adjusting upon getting, slipping occurred knocking her out cold.

She explains,

“I actually got a concussion one night, I concussed myself… I got up to change the air conditioner (temperature) very early in the morning, and I didn’t have my glasses on and I got up on my tippy toes to try to see and the bus went over a bump and I fell backwards and I hit the back of my head. It was terrible, and then I woke up, all I remember is getting out of bed, and then next thing I knew, I was on the ground, mid-scream, and everyone (on the bus) was looking at me, like, ‘What happened?’. It was embarrassing because… I was crying and screaming when I woke up. I was saying, ‘Help me! Help me!’, while I was asleep.”

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