Zoe Saldana ‘I Can Recover From Heartbreak ‘Very Easily’

Zoe Saldana, heartbreak she can handle. The former Center Stage star does feel like she has a broken heart when a relationship that she is in ends. However though she reveals she can recover early from break-ups. The star who’s relationship with ‘Hangover Part III’ star Bradley Cooper ended last year insists that she can get over failed romance very fast.

Asked how she copes with heartbreak, she said:

”I feel it. I allow myself to feel it. Of course everyone around me will notice how it made me feel, but I tend to recover very easily.

”Maybe it’s just the kind of person I am or maybe I haven’t really fallen in love yet or had that ‘crash, boom, bam’ in my life, but I tend to recover, you know, healthily and smoothly.”

The thirty four year old also goes onto say that she won’t let a man walk all over her and has no problem saying,

 ’no’, even if she’s branded a ”b***h” as a result. She explained:

”As I’ve grown older I’ve become more comfortable. Also, as a woman, it’s very important as you age to learn the power of saying no. Because of our gender, society, politics, our nature and our history, we’ve been unconsciously, and not purposely, conditioned to be ‘yes’ people.

”It’s OK for a woman to say no. You won’t be liked, trust me. If a man says no, he’s cool but if a woman says no, it’s like, ‘What a b***h”. I have no problem saying no.”

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