X FActor Rebecca Ferguson Talks Betrayal Friends Conned Her For Money!

resizedimageRebecca Ferguson was taken advantage of, for the amount of £100k. The British singer, who appeared on the reality show X Factor was conned and used by fake friends. She had put to much trust in them while she had been recording her album Heaven.

Speaking to the Daily Record newspaper, she said:

”I put too much trust in people and they took advantage of me.

”I had well over £100,000 stolen from me by people I trusted. It’s really disgusting.”

The twenty seven year old vocalist had met up with police back in March, two speak about the two, a fifty two year old woman and a sixty year old man. They were arrested sent out on bail on the suspicion of fraud by false representation.

Ferguson who has two children, Lillie May and Karl believes the money is just gone, but would like to see her former friends pay for what they did. She explained:

”I think they spent it. It’s more the betrayal of trust of people who got really close to me.”

However she believes some positive a positives came out of the harsh sting because it’s taught her to be more cautious of the people she lets into her life.

Rebecca said:

”I think in the last year I’ve just learned about life. I am more aware of what goes on in the world.”

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