Vin Diesel Covers Men’s Fitness Australia July 2013!

Vin Diesel covers Men’s Fitness Australia July 2013. The Fast & the Furious star’s new movie  “Fast & Furious 6″ continues being a big hit, he hits teh cover of this issue. He chats bout the roles he pursues along with Hollywood’s portrayal of him and other actors.

On the typecasting in Hollywood:

“Being a physical presence will rule you out of a lot of roles. I couldn’t have done ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ with that physical presence. But I like it as part of me; It’s part of what I represent, and I think if [actor] Humphrey Bogart were around today he’d be a lot bigger.”

On the pressures of being a male actor:

“Hollywood is more concerned about its male actors being in shape than its female actors.”

On working on dangerous sets:

“There were scenes that were so dangerous that if the studio knew I was doing them they’d have set down production on ‘Fast 6.’ There were days when I came home and looked at my kids and hugged them and thought, ‘Is it enough that it’s for the sake of art that I risk my life like that?’”3″Credit: Men’s Fitness Australia

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