Top Casinos For Celebrities In The USA

Top Casinos For Celebrities In The USA

Celebrities enjoy all the fun and excitement that casino gambling offers. They also need to get out and let their hair down just like everyone else. What a better place to do this than at some of the top casino resorts in the United States. One that has attracted many celebrities is the WinStar World Casino which is the largest in the United States and the second largest in the world. The casino is not located in Las Vegas as one might guess but it actually is situated in Oklahoma just a mile from its border with Texas.

The WinStar World Casino first opened in 2004 and was then simply known as the WinStar Casino. However, five years later an expansion project was finished which significantly enlarged the casino. The name was then changed to its present name. With the expansion project, the casino floor was upgraded to include 519,000 square feet of space. Guests to the WinStar World Casino can find well over 7200 electronic games to play. A dedicated poker room is part of the Win Star with a total of 46 tables. Celebrities that have been spotted playing at the WinStar include musician Adam Lambert and MMA fighters Roy Nelson and Greg Jackson.

A high limit room is also part of the WinStar. Here, celebrities often congregate to enjoy table games, especially poker, with higher table limits. Typically, high roller rooms also offer a certain degree of privacy which is preferred by many celebrities. Other gambling amenities offered at this casino include an off track betting room. Keno and bingo are also two other games that can be played while visiting the WinStar World Casino. The casino also has showcased numerous performers. Vince Gill, Kid Rock, Lil Wayne, ZZ Top, Maroon 5, Tony Bennett and Davy Jones are some of the performers who have provided entertainment for guests at the WinStar. If you’re planning a trip to casino destination, you can practise first at The advantage is that all you need is internet access and device such as mobile phone, tablet or computer!

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