Tony Danza Sparks Virus Fears Causing Havoc On Plane!

 Tony Danza, sparks virus fear by vomiting while on a plane. The actor ho fist started his career in the television series Taxi and Who’s the Boss had reeked havoc as he as on-board an American Airlines flight to New York over the weekend, January 12-13, 2013hen he required a paper bag to vomit in causing some fears of a mid-air virus outbreak.

Passengers had been scrambling to change seats to not be seated near Danza as their was worry that he was suffering the highly contagious norovirus.

He reportedly stated he had caught a bout of influenza,

 ”from his grandson”, but a friend of the actor later told New York Post gossip column Page Six the star had contracted a “24-hour stomach bug”, adding “(He is) doing much better.”

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