Tom Ford I thrive On Failure And Setbacks!

 resizedimageTom Ford: I thrive on failure. He is a very well known fashion designer and film director. The star admit that all his past setbacks and criticism has pushed him to be more determined than ever to succeed. His own label may be getting a prediction of a billion dollars a year. However the former creative director for Gucci’s career hasn’t always been that simple.

He told The Business of Fashion:

”I thrive on failure. I thrive on things that are not perfect. It sends me back into the ring to get it right. About three seasons ago, we started focusing things more, and I think the two collections we did previous to this last one were really good and I had great press coverage … but no one saw them.”

He has established his own Company in 2004, which is basically menswear, but then in 2010 he realized he need to go into the womanswear market, creating a global brand.

He explained:

”It wasn’t that it wasn’t appealing. I’ve been a fashion designer for 25 years, and I was doing 16 collections a year. It wasn’t specifically clothes, it was just kind of the entire industry.

”I was very worn out from having generated all of that. I think the women’s fashion business is probably the hardest, toughest business in the world.”

In 2009, in directed A Single Man, he hopes to continue exploring both his passion for fashion and film in the future.

Tom mused:

”I don’t have to think about it yet, because we are just at the tipping point. I’m still only 52. I do know that I want to work ’til the day I drop dead.

”I might not be doing exactly what I’m doing now, but absolutely I’ll be working until the day I die. I might be making

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