Tim Burton Is Nursing Broken Arm And Shoulder!

Tim Burton is nursing a broken arm and shoulder. The American film director and producer is after he took a tumble out in London. The fifty four year old Nightmare Before Christmas filmmaker had been put in the hospital just earlier this month, January 2013 and now at this time he is on the road to recovery from surgery.

He tells New York Magazine,

“I have a metal plate in there, so I’m part robot now.”

And he admits he has been having a hard time dealing with the pain:

“It’s really hard to think about doing anything when I’ve got a throbbing pain in my shoulder! The pain-killers are not that good here (in London). The doctors are like, ‘Take two aspirin.’ I’m hoping the pain subsides soon, but it’s like when you have a toothache, and it’s hard to think, hard to do things, hard to focus on what’s going on when it’s throbbing away.”

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