The Saturdays Frankie Sandford Wants To Show Her Bad Girl Side!

Frankie Sandford is interested in being a bad girl. The English pop singer known for girl group The Saturdays and one of her wishes is to be arrested because she believe this would make her more interesting. The beautiful brunette has also though of being less behaved while in public, also thinking that it would be much simpler to change and be a bad girl because so many people are so rude to her.

She said:

”I wish I was interesting enough to say I’d been arrested. Maybe I need to put more work into being drunk and disorderly; at least you get a good night out of it. Some people are so rude when we’re out and I’ve never punched anyone, so maybe that’s what I should do.

”People just want to take the p**s out of you in public to make them look bigger in front of their friends. Whatever happened to manners?”

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