The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) Acting As Mentor To WWE Superstars!

The Rock is a Superstar mentor. The Canadian actor and professional wrestler real name (Dwayne Johnson) had reportedly been giving career advice to WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston since returning to the company.

Apparently he has been acting as a mentor from time that he took a break from his acting career on return to the company. The forty year old came back in 2011 after a seven year absence as he is currently a regular on TV shows ‘RAW’ and ‘SmackDown’.

According to fellow WWE Superstar Kingston, The Rock – who can next be seen in ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ – has been happy to share his tips for success with the rest of the guys backstage. Kofi, 31, exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ‘

‘I met him when he first came back last year. He’s real cool. He had some advice for me, I had a chance to pick his brain a bit … I spoke to him about certain things about the business, just general questions about how he got to where he was. Obviously you see a guy like The Rock, you see his success, you want to know exactly – from his mind and his mouth – how he got there, because I want to emulate that. If you don’t want the success The Rock has had, then you probably shouldn’t be in the WWE.”

Kofi a huge fan of the rock admitting it had been quite incredible experience to actually meet his hero in person. Kofi explained: ‘

‘I’ve always been a fan of WWE and obviously The Rock is one of the biggest Superstars there is.

”In college I actually had a poster of him on my wall, I’d do the ‘People’s Eyebrow’. So to actually meet him as a fan, it was really cool. He’s really down to earth. He’s a good guy.”

Kofi cannot wait for the ‘Royal Rumble’ and the annual 30-man over-the-top battle royal, The Rock is set to face CM Punk for the WWE Championship in his first official match since ‘WrestleMania XXVIII’ in April 2012.

He said:

”The ‘Royal Rumble’ is one of the most exciting pay-per-views we have all year. Everyone is pumped up about it. CM Punk versus The Rock is also happening, which will be off the chain. This match has been building for almost a year and it’s an all-star match. It’s going to be crazy.”

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